First Win of the Season

Finally picked up a win Saturday at 311 Speedway. Started last in the first heat race and finished 3rd so that put us starting 5th in the main. Worked our way up to 2nd about half way through the race. Track was extremely muddy but on the last next to last restart we got a good run on Trey but going into 1 he pulled high with some mechanical problems so that turned the lead over to us and we were able to capitalize on it.

I would like to thank all my sponsors for making this possible, my friends and family that helps me work on the car, and a special thanks to Bird Man at B M F Racecar Chassis and Components for getting us back up and going after a bad wreck at Wytheville earlier in the year. If anyone needs anything done I would recommend giving them a call. They are very reasonable and do great work.

Saloon Studios

Statesville Truck and Trailer


BMF Racecars

Napa Auto Parts of West Jefferson

Gragg’s Pressure Cleaning

Patrick’s Welding

TDR Racing Engines

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